EasyPro Aeration Accessory KitEasyPro Aeration Accessory KitThis kit has 160 of the most commonly used fittings for installing aeration systems including connectors, adapters, stainless clamps and more. Each kit also has a nut driver, tubing cutter, Teflon tape and electrical tape all in a convenient storage case.
EasyPro Air Diffuser ManifoldsEasyPro Air Diffuser ManifoldsIncludes check valve to prevent water from filling air line when not in use. Polyethylene underlay keep diffusers from settling into the mud and prevents sediment erosion during operation. 
EasyPro Check Valve for RV CompressorsEasyPro Check Valve for RV CompressorsThis check valve installs on the inlet side of the rotary vane compressors. Installs between compressor and diffuser/air stone.
EasyPro Deluxe Dual Compressor Aeration SystemsEasyPro Deluxe Dual Compressor Aeration SystemsThese double compressor systems are designed for large ponds and lakes where high volumes of air are needed. Both compressors mount into the SC28 large cabinet allowing up to twelve air lines from a single location.
EasyPro Economy Ornamental Pond Aerator/DeicerEasyPro Economy Ornamental Pond Aerator/DeicerHigh-quality, continuous duty aeration system is ideal for both summer time aeration and winter time deicing. 
EasyPro EPW Linear Diaphragm Compressor Repair KitsEasyPro EPW Linear Diaphragm Compressor Repair KitsThe replacement diaphragms are included in these repair kits and help to return the compressor back to proper performance.
EasyPro ERP Air Filters & ElementEasyPro ERP Air Filters & ElementReplacement filters and elements for the EasyPro ERP stratus compressors. 
EasyPro ERP Stratus Compressors Repair KitsEasyPro ERP Stratus Compressors Repair KitsERP rocking piston compressors contain these wearable internal components. Like tires on your car, these parts need to be replaced over time. Kits include piston ring, gaskets, seals and leaf valves.
EasyPro Four-Legged Windmill Assembly for Wind-Driven Aeration SystemEasyPro Four-Legged Windmill Assembly for Wind-Driven Aeration System

Wind-driven windmills can save $25-$50 per month in electric costs, paying for itself in 4-8 years! These are ideal for aerating remote ponds that do not have electricity nearby, pumping a large volume of air at high pressure capability. 

EasyPro Gast Blower OnlyEasyPro Gast Blower OnlyGast blowers are also available as blower only, no inlet air filter or bleed valve.
EasyPro Gast Compressor Repair KitsEasyPro Gast Compressor Repair KitsKits include the diaphragm, head gasket and parts needed to rebuild compressor to “like new” performance. 
EasyPro Gast Diaphragm CompressorEasyPro Gast Diaphragm CompressorBoth the DC22 and DC12 come with a one year warranty. Repair kits available. 
EasyPro Gast Regenerative BlowersEasyPro Gast Regenerative BlowersThe industry choice when high oxygen, low energy consumption and reliable service is needed. Blowers have only one moving part – the impeller – and since the impeller touches nothing, there is no wear, no seals, no vibrations and no lubrication to be done.
EasyPro Gast Rotary Vane CompressorsEasyPro Gast Rotary Vane CompressorsLong lasting, continuous duty compressors offer less depth capabilities than the diaphragm or rocking piston compressors but produce considerably more air. Medium pressure, oil free compressors are excellent for pond and lake aeration or de-icing. 
EasyPro Inline Check ValveEasyPro Inline Check ValveThis all plastic check valve is commonly used in long airline runs to prevent water from filling the tubing.
EasyPro Internal Air FiltersEasyPro Internal Air FiltersAir filter elements are included in the repair kits but can also be purchased separately.
EasyPro Linear Piston CompressorsEasyPro Linear Piston CompressorsQuiet, energy efficient, weather resistant and durable. These compressors utilize a small piston instead of a diaphragm to pump air
EasyPro Lockable Steel Cabinet AccessoriesEasyPro Lockable Steel Cabinet AccessoriesLockable Steel Cabinet Accessories. 
EasyPro Lockable Steel CabinetsEasyPro Lockable Steel CabinetsEasyPro Lockable Steel Cabinets come in three different varieteies to suit your purposes! 
EasyPro Membrane Diffuser AssembliesEasyPro Membrane Diffuser AssembliesRedesigned base allows for strain relief clamp to secure tubing onto base. Built in check valve prevents backflow of water up air line.
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