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We are pleased to offer the innovative and award winning Helix Life Support Pond Filtration System Products. 

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BENEFITS of the Helix Pond Skimmer    

  • Fish Friendly
  • Helical Flow creates a vacuum & stacks debris in Heavy Duty Basket
  • Compact unit easy to install and disguise in the landscape 
  • Self Adjusting floating Water Level
  • Superior Skimming ability with a 15" circular weir
  • Large flat Panels for auto fill installs
  • Automatic water-fill will not be fooled into working

BENEFITS of the Helix Static Filter 

  • This is a simple, easy to understand, large capacity Waterfall Filter

BENEFITS of The Helix Moving Bed Waterfall 

  • Self Cleaning, set and forget it
  • Feed your Koi as much as you want!
  • Filter can convert the waste from approximately 1lb of fish food each day, 30 lbs a MONTH or 365 lbs a year!
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen levels in pond
  • Grow your koi HUGE
  • Waterfall Filter easy to install & disguise in the landscape

BENEFITS of The Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor Waterfall Filter 

  • Clean filter without getting Dirty
  • Large biological filter capacity with polishing capabilities
  • Ability to Clean your filter with pond water
  • Ability to clean your filter without disassembling
  • No need to purchase filter pads annually
  • Easy to Install and disguise in the landscape
  • Reduce nitrates in your pond
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen levels in pond
  • Filter can convert the waste from approximately 1lb of fish food each day, 30 lbs a month or 365 lbs a year!

BENEFITS of The Helix Settlement Tank 

  • Removes waste and debris from bottom drain wastewater BEFORE it enters the pump and filtration sysytem
  • Provides easy access to settled debris for removal by sump pump (not included)
  • Basket and material that protect line to pump are easily removed
BENEFITS of Helix External Pumps 
  • Continuous duty, weatherproof motors — can be used outdoors without additional protection from weather
  • Super quiet operation
  • 8’ power cord included
  • Not self-priming — use in flooded suction applications or with check valve on suction line to maintain prime
  • All sizes (except HEX3600) have dual voltage motors, pumps are shipped 115v but can easily be field changed to 230v

Water Treatments To Manage Your Pond's Water Quality & Clarity 

The proper application and regime of water treatments can make all the difference in your pond's overall health and appearance. We have all the necessary water treatments to help you balance your pond from beneficial bacteria and barley straw products to Pond Debris Scrubbers and De-Chlorinators.

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