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EasyPro All Season Liquid Pond BacteriaEasyPro All Season Liquid Pond BacteriaEasyPro All Season Pond Bacteria contains a proven blend of beneficial pond bacteria which naturally promote a healthy ecologically balanced ecosystem by reducing toxins, problem causing nutrients and murky water in water gardens and koi ponds.
EasyPro All-In-One Pond PackageEasyPro All-In-One Pond PackageCombines the four most popular water treatments needed for a new pond start-up into one easy package. Includes four 16 ounce bottles (one each) of Water Clarifier, Water Conditioner, All Season Bacteria and Liquid Barley Extract. Treats up to 8000 gallon pond.
EasyPro AquaNeatEasyPro AquaNeatNot effective on plants that grow under the water, spray onto the foliage of the plant and it kills the plant and roots. Must be used with activator, apply at two ounces per gallon of water, may require a second application.
EasyPro AquashadeEasyPro AquashadeAquashade from EasyPro is an E.P.A. registered weed and algae prevention liquid. One gallon treats one acre, 4' deep.
EasyPro AquashadowEasyPro AquashadowAquashadow from EasyPro is a powder form of aquashade. Aquashadow powder comes in a water soluble bag that can be tossed directly into the pond.
EasyPro Aquathol Super K HerbicideEasyPro Aquathol Super K HerbicideAquathol is a Granular herbicide utilizing Culigel® super absorbent polymer technology. Six times more concentrated than regular Aquathol. Excellent for spot treatment of hydrilla, pondweed and Eurasian milfoil.
EasyPro Barley Straw BaleEasyPro Barley Straw BaleEach bale treats approximately 100 square feet of pond surface. Lasts approximately three months.
EasyPro Barley Straw PelletsEasyPro Barley Straw Pellets

EasyPro Barley Straw Pellets are ideal for use with EasyPro All Season Bacteria and Phosphate Binder. 100% natural product made from concentrated barley straw. 

EasyPro Clipper Broad Spectrum HerbicideEasyPro Clipper Broad Spectrum HerbicideThe newest chemistry to the aquatic market, this 51% Flumioxazin product is very versatile and has been showing excellent results in aquatic environments on a variety of plants. This product is fast, effective, and breaks down quickly in water to leave no accumulation in the sediment - making it less of an evironmental concern than other, more persistent herbicides.
EasyPro Concentrated DefoamerEasyPro Concentrated DefoamerEasyPro Concentrated Defoamer can be used in water gardens, koi ponds, fish hauling trucks etc. 
EasyPro Concentrated Liquid Pond DyeEasyPro Concentrated Liquid Pond DyeThe use of fish safe dye is a common part of an overall pond maintenance program. EasyPro Lake Colorant liquid formula is applied early in the spring to improve the appearance of pond water. 
EasyPro Concentrated Powdered Pond DyeEasyPro Concentrated Powdered Pond DyeEasyPro Concentrated Lake Dye Packets are water soluble packets with concentrated dye that can be tossed into the pond. The use of dye is a common part of an overall pond maintenance program.
EasyPro Cutrine Granular AlgaecideEasyPro Cutrine Granular AlgaecideEasyPro Cutrine Granular Algaecide is the granular form of cutrine. Recommended for bottom growing algae and chara. 
EasyPro Cutrine Liquid AlgaecideEasyPro Cutrine Liquid AlgaecideEasyPro Cutrine Liquid Algaecide is a chelated copper algaecide that is safer to use than copper sulfate. Use for surface or suspended algae — dosage rate 0.6 to 1.2 gallons per acre with no water restrictions.
EasyPro Cutrine UltraEasyPro Cutrine UltraEasyPro Cutrine Ultra is ideal for thick walled filamentous algae, colonial planktonic algae and chara. 
    EasyPro Cygnet PlusEasyPro Cygnet PlusCygnet Plus is a liquid additive for use along with liquid herbicides and algaecides to enhance effectiveness. The surfactant in these products eliminates beading, providing a uniform spray solution. 
    EasyPro Cygnet Select DyeEasyPro Cygnet Select DyeThis pond dye is very similar to Aquashade. Cygnet Select comes in one gallon containers - one gallon treats one acre, 4' deep. 
    EasyPro Hydrothol HerbicideEasyPro Hydrothol HerbicideThis granular is a fast acting, contact herbicide effective on a variety of aquatic weeds including milfoil, coontail, hydrilla, sago pondweed, leafy pondweed, curly leaf pondweed and others. Hydrothol should only be used for spot treating.
    EasyPro K-Tea AlgaecideEasyPro K-Tea AlgaecideEasyPro K-Tea Alegaecie is chelated copper, similar to Cutrine, but has an 8% copper base instead of 9% like Cutrine. Available only in 2.5 gallon jugs. 
    EasyPro Komeen HerbicideEasyPro Komeen HerbicideEasyPro Komeen Herbicide is a copper herbicide for use on elodea, hydrilla and other aquatic plants.
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