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Free Garden Pond Information

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The Importance of Pond Aeration for All Four Seasons - January 27th, 2015

Practical tips to help you create a pond you'll enjoy:

 Planning and Installing Your Own Practical Garden Pond

~  locating your pond.
~  tips to enhance your pond's beauty
~  filtration and other tools for maintenance of your pond
~  selecting pond material
~  creating your pond share
~  determining pond shape and pump size
~  calculating pond size in gallons
~  and more...

Creating Your Own Pondless Waterfall 

         ~  enjoy this VIDEO of this Kansas pondless waterfall built with a 
DWK1 Pondless waterfall kit from Practical Garden Ponds  

Making the right choices. 

Choosing a Weir Size for a SavioCompact or Full Size Skimmer 

Choosing the UVInex UV toMatch Your Savio Skimmer

Choosing the Right Pump forYour Garden Pond 

Trouble Shooting your Savio UVinex UV unit

           ~  Potential reasons for the UVinex UV light not lighting or not clearing the pond of green water even if it is lit.

Winterizing your Water Garden or Fish Pond

          ~  tips for the four season climates