Water Matrices
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AquascapePRO® AquaBlox® Water MatrixAquascapePRO® AquaBlox® Water Matrix
The Aquascape® AquaBlox® modular water storage system, also known as the D-Raintank® by Atlantis®, is an efficient way to maximize your water storage capacity in Pondless® Waterfall reservoirs. With more than 3 times as much water storage as gravel, AquaBlox® require a much smaller footprint than traditional gravel reservoirs. This means less labor to excavate, less liner and underlayment needed, and less evaporation! It is also easier to clean and less prone to clogging than traditional gravel basins.
Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Blox Water Matrices - Redesigned!Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Blox Water Matrices - Redesigned!
The Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Blox water matrix saves you time and money on all your Pond-free installations. Eco-Blox reservoirs store large volumes of water easily and economically. Underground and out of sight, their enormous strength allows for landscaping right over the reservoir.
    Complete Aquatics SustainTanks™ - For Basins, Bogs & Water RetentionComplete Aquatics SustainTanks™ - For Basins, Bogs & Water Retention
    Complete Aquatics SustainTanks™ are an essential tool for bogs, basins and water storage. Made of 85% recycled plastics, SustainTanks™ are designed to replace up to 90% of the gravel traditionally used in a water reservoir.

      EasyPro Reservoir CubesEasyPro Reservoir CubesRes-Cubes Features: Reduce rock tonnage. Reservoir can be made smaller because of the increased water percentage due to less rock being used. Increase reservoir water capacity from 40% with rock to 90%+ with Res-Cubes.