Kichler Lighting
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Kichler® Digital Timer with Daylight SavingsKichler® Digital Timer with Daylight Savings
Kichler® Digital Transformer Timer comes with integrated battery backup and is equipped with daylight savings compatibility.
Kichler® Plug-In Photocell for TransformersKichler® Plug-In Photocell for TransformersThe Kichler® Plug-In Transformer Photocell is compatible with all Kichler® Plus Series and Professional Series transformers. 3" Height.
LL10281 15565 15565BK
Kichler® Pro Series Wire ConnectorsKichler® Pro Series Wire ConnectorsThe Kichler® Professional Series Wire Connectors offer an alternative to silicone-filled wire connectors, soldered wire connections and costly shrink-wrap connections. Developed in concert with Blazing Products Inc, this new method of making 12V connections is safer, faster and more reliable.
Kichler® Professional Series Stainless Steel TransformersKichler® Professional Series Stainless Steel Transformers
Kichler® Professional Series Stainless Steel Transformers provide the best options and flexibility needed for most installations. Output voltage range will suit most jobs. Perfect for landscape lighting applications.