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Matching the right UVinex UV to your Savio Skimmer

One 18 watt UVinex fits inside a Compact Skimmer:

One or two 26 or 50 watt UVinex fit inside a Full SIzed Savio Skimmer:

We have adaptors to convert pre-2007 Savio skimmers to be UVinex ready:

Adaptor for Compact SVRC111

Adaptors for the Full Size Skimmer

Left Side SVRS105

Right Side SVRS106

Old style Skimmer will look like this:

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION TIPS - Keep the bulb from turning while tightening the compression nut to protect the plastic divider which separates the two terminal ends of the bulb. Never take off the protective plastic coating that comes on the bulb... this is NOT packaging but an important part of the bulbs design!

18 Watt UV for Compact Skimmer filters:
  • Up to 2,500 gallon ponds use the 18 Watt UVinex. Maximum pump flow 2,000 GPH.

26 and 50 Watt UVinex For Full-Size Skimmer filters:

  • Up to 3,000 gallon ponds use one 26 Watt UVinex and place a baffle block on the opposite side. Maximum pump flow 2,500 GPH

  • Up to 5,000 gallon ponds use one 50 Watt UVinex and place a baffle block on the opposite side. Maximum pump flow 4,750 GPH.

Placing two 26 Watt UVinex in a single full size skimmer will be good for ponds up to 6,000 gallons and flow rates up to 5,000 GPH.

Two 50 Watt UVinex will protect you against green water beyond the capacity of the full size skimmer.

UVinex UV’s fit in the 2007 or later model year Savio Skimmer. Adaptors to retrofit UVinex technology in older Savio skimmers available upon request.

Of course we sell many other brands and types of UV too! Whatever your favorite if we can provide a good value for you that is what we will do. But the concept of the UV being tucked saftely and easily into the skimmer is my favoriate method of taking care of green water... no holds barred!


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