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Aquascape┬« Submersible Pond ThermometerAquascape┬« Submersible Pond ThermometerMonitor pond temperature throughout the year with the Aquascape® Submersible Pond Thermometer to help adjust fish feeding and water treatment applications during seasonal changes.
EasyPro Pond and Water Garden ThermometerEasyPro Pond and Water Garden Thermometer

Pond & Water Garden Thermometer Can be used as a floating thermometer (with cap on) or sinking (with cap off).

Laguna Pond Closing KitLaguna Pond Closing Kit
The Laguna Pond Closing Kit includes all of the needed equipment for the fall and winter months. Kit includes de-icer, aeration pump and air stone, pond netting, wheat germ fish food, and a floating thermometer.

    Lifegard Aquatics E-Z Read Sink or Float ThermometerLifegard Aquatics E-Z Read Sink or Float ThermometerThis ABS molded Fahrenheit/Celsius thermometer has a shatterproof magnifying lens. Includes snap on/off flotation top and 36" rope leash with anchor plate.
    Lifegard Aquatics Pond Tube ThermometerLifegard Aquatics Pond Tube ThermometerThis ABS molded tube case thermometer is sealed in a blown glass tube with both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Includes polyethylene rope.
    Nycon Pond Thermometers -- Floating or SinkingNycon Pond Thermometers -- Floating or SinkingNycon Pond Thermometer are easy to read and show both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, so that you can maintain correct pond temperatures -- an essential part of a healthy pond
    United Aquatics Floating Pond ThermometerUnited Aquatics Floating Pond Thermometer
    The United Aquatics Floating Pond Thermometer is essential for feeding pond fish the proper diet and knowing when to add beneficial bacteria to the pond.

      Versatile Wireless ThermometerVersatile Wireless ThermometerThis versatile wireless thermometer monitors multiple parameters of your pond's environment using a wireless sensor and 6' waterproof probe. The central digital display shows water temperature, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, indoor humidity and time.