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Acurel® Coarse Clog-Resistant and Infused Media PadsAcurel® Coarse Clog-Resistant and Infused Media PadsAcurel­® Filter Media Pads improves water quality by removing particle waste and debris, while remaining clog-resistant. With various options for infused media pads, these filter pads pull double-duty: not only removing physical particulates, but also improving water quality by removing dissolved impurites and organic substances to improve water clarity, removing harmful ammonia, or reducing harmful nitrates.
Acurel® Nylon Drawstring Media BagsAcurel® Nylon Drawstring Media BagsAcurel® filter drawstring media bags are the most cost effective way to protect filters from damage caused by loose media. These specially designed, 100-percent nylon drawstring bags maximize filtration and will not disintegrate in water. For use in all filters with all types of media. Fill these washable and reusable bags with carbon or other granular products. For use in all fresh and salt water aquatics and suitable for all filters.