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Alpine Hose Clamps - For Smooth Walled Hose/TubingAlpine Hose Clamps - For Smooth Walled Hose/TubingThese hose clamps are great for holding tubing to barbed fittins. Available with standard screw-tightened fitting or with triangular turnscrew for manual tightening.
Replacement UV Bulbs for Hozelock Cyprio FiltersReplacement UV Bulbs for Hozelock Cyprio FiltersThese replacement ultraviolet bulbs fit various sizes of Hozelock Cyprio filters and ultraviolet units. Keep your system running efficiently and effectively! Replace foam at start of each new season.
Thermoplanter - Heated Planter for Tropical Water LiliesThermoplanter - Heated Planter for Tropical Water Lilies

The Thermoplanter is an innovative tool that extends the growing season for tropical water lilies. Provides “easy wintering” to save time, money, and fuss.

    United Aquatics AirstonesUnited Aquatics AirstonesThese airstones from United Aquatics help increase the level of dissolved oxygen in the pond environment.
    United Aquatics Blue Heron DecoyUnited Aquatics Blue Heron DecoyThe popular United Aquatics Blue Heron Decoy helps to keep herons away from your pond by using the herons territorial nature against them. Place the heron deterrent near the pond and you should see an end of this predator.
    United Aquatics Bottom DrainsUnited Aquatics Bottom Drains

    These United Aquatics bottom drains take pond water and waste products from the bottom of your pond directly to the filter units.

    United Aquatics Feeding RingUnited Aquatics Feeding RingThe United Aquatics Feeding Ring is a floating plastic ring or feeding station that works great for keeping floating fish food in one place. This helps train fish to come to feedings but more importantly it prevents food from disappearing into the skimmer or filter before being eaten. 
    United Aquatics Filter Media for Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce FiltersUnited Aquatics Filter Media for Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce FiltersThese replacement filter foam cartridge fit the Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce line of pond filters (2002 models and later). Keep your pond filter system running efficiently and effectively! Replace foam at start of each new season.
    United Aquatics Floating Pond ThermometerUnited Aquatics Floating Pond Thermometer
    The United Aquatics Floating Pond Thermometer is essential for feeding pond fish the proper diet and knowing when to add beneficial bacteria to the pond.

      United Aquatics Heron StopUnited Aquatics Heron Stop
      The Heron Stop from United Aquatics is a simple and nearly invisible deterrent helping to protect pond fish from herons and cats. 

        United Aquatics Hose ClampsUnited Aquatics Hose ClampsClamps are available for both smooth walled or ribbed hose. All clamps come with turnscrew for adjustment - no tools required!
        United Aquatics Plant BasketsUnited Aquatics Plant BasketsThese plant baskets from United Aquatics will keep your plant in place and keep fish from nibbling on them. Protect your plants with these simple plastic baskets.