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Practical Pond Product Reviews
Here at Practical Garden Ponds we are passionate about helping you with your Do-It-Yourself garden pond. 
Introducing "Practical Pond Product Reviews;" a weekly show where Nate Brunk gives his honest opinion on many different products for your pond. 
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Episode: 1 "Introduction to Skimmers"

In this episode Nate Brunk gives an introduction to the importance of pond skimmers and an overview of the features of good skimmers. 

Episode: 2 - "Savio Pond Skimmers"

In this episode Nate Brunk give his opinion on the two pond skimmers by Savio. 

Episode: 3 - "Helix Pond Skimmers"

Join Nate as he discusses and reviews the pond skimmer by Helix Life Support!

Episode: 4 "Helix Skimmer Large Capacity Leaf Baskets"

Join Nate as he discusses some of the many accessories of the Helix Skimmer, and in this case the new large capacity leaf baskets.

Episode: 5 - "Helix Skimmer Accessories"

In this episode Nate continues to talk about some of the other various accessories of the Helix pond skimmer.