PondMaster Air Pump 2900 cu.  AP-40  04540
PondMaster Air Pump 2900 cu.  AP-40  04540
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PondMaster's Deep Water Air Pumps are made to oxygenate ponds and large aquariums.

They are useful for maintaining an airhole in ponds during the winter freeze.

This 2900 cu in. per minute air pump is designed for multiple water related applications.

The maximum water depth recommended for submercing an air stone connected to this pump is 10' Considered useful for up to 5000 gallon ponds. Noise level is 40db. It uses 40 watts. The outlet is 5/8" and the pump size is 10.25" x 7" x 7.25"

It has a six foot power cord.

It can be used outdoors though it is recomended that the unit be enclosed to protect it from the elements. This pump uses 5/8" tubing to move the air.