AgSafe® Agritabs Aquatic-Tabs® Aquatic-Tabs
AgSafe® Agritabs Aquatic-Tabs® Aquatic-Tabs
25 count100 count bag300 count jar
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AgSafe® Aquatic-Tabs® provide rapid & continuous feeding for 30-45 days.
  • 10-26-10 formulation feeds ALL types of flowering & non-flowering pond plants.
  • Contains micronutrients, humates to build aquatic soil, sea kelp extracts to provide 76 trace minerals, and plant extracts to relieve environmental stress
  • No copper, no algae-encouraging phosphates
  • Apply 2 tablets (5 gm each) per gallon size plant.
  • Fish and aquatic life safe.

A102, A103, A103J, AGT01, AGT02, AGT13, AGT14