Airmax® Pond Logic® Ultra PondWeed Defense® - Fast Acting Aquatic Herbicide
Airmax® Pond Logic® Ultra PondWeed Defense® - Fast Acting Aquatic Herbicide
American Pond WeedBladderwortCoontailClurly Leafed PondweedDuck WeedEurasian WatermilfoilHydrilla Lily PadsNaiadParrot FeatherSago PondweedSpatterdockWatermeal
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Airmax® Pond Logic® Ultra PondWeed Defense® is a fast-acting liquid contact herbicide formulated to treat a wide array of submerged and floating pond weeds. Excellent for use on coontail, elodea/hydrilla, milfoil and pondweed, PondWeed Defense® can be mixed with pond water and sprayed directly onto target weeds for fast results. For best results, use Ultra PondWeed Defense® with Treatment Booster™ PLUS, which maximizes weed treatments by helping to spread and bond the treatment to its target weed and by breaking down the surface of the weed to allow the treatment to penetrate.

Dosage Rates
16oz of Ultra PondWeed Defense® will treat 2500 sq. feet of area.

When To Use Ultra PondWeed Defense®
Ultra PondWeed Defense® should be applied to target weeds while they are active and growing. The active ingredients in PondWeed Defense® will be absorbed by the plant where it travels to the roots killing the entire plant.

How To Use PondWeed Defense®
Mix the desired amount of Ultra PondWeed Defense® with pond water (according to label directions). Using a pressurized sprayer, spray mixture directly onto target weeds. Cut and rake away dead weeds to prevent an accumulation of plant decay and pond muck.

Water Use Restrictions

  • 1 day livestock/domestic animal consumption
  • 3 day human drinking
  • 5 day irrigation

Ultra PondWeed Defense® cannot be shipped to: Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island or Washington.

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