Ultra Bio-Media for Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filter - 8.5lb
Ultra Bio-Media for Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filter - 8.5lb
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Ultra Bio-Media for the Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filter is a patented, non-wax-based plastic media that comes pre-seeded with natural bacteria so that it starts working within 2-4 weeks of installation (instead of industry standard 6 weeks)! Its unique design prevents clumping and gives it the highest surface area of any product on the market, which allows the Ultima II to handle more load even though it is smaller than bead filters. When it comes to cleaning, this media allows for easy separation of waste while protecting the beneficial bacteria.

One cubic foot (the approximate size of this 8.5lb size) of Ultra Bio-Media has 750 square feet of surface area.

If you need the actual Ultima media to replace it in an Ultima filter, you must provide the serial number of your Ultima unit.


Features Benefits
Unique Patented Tubular Design Prevents clumping and channeling
Highest Surface Area on the Market Promotes beneficial bacteria growth while allowing for a smaller filter
Scientifically Engineered Shape Maximizes surface area and protects bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris
Comes Pre-Seeded with Bacteria Colonization happens within 2-4 weeks instead of industry standard of 6 weeks