PerformancePro Cascade Pump Parts & Accessories
PerformancePro Cascade Pump Parts & Accessories
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These replacement parts are for the Cascade pumps, which are high-efficiency, industrial-grade pumps with high flow rates and good pressure.

  • Saltwater Kit - PTFE coated stainless steel seal with Silicon Carbide faces, PVC shaft sleeve, and stainless steel hardware
  • Priming Pot (Strainer Pot) - Facilitates priming in a suction lift application and strains debris from the inflow
  • 8' 115V Power Cord (16 Gauge) - Rated for 1725RPM, 1/2hp Max
  • 8' 115V Power Cord (12 Gauge) - Rated for 3450RPM, 1hp Max
MPS-513 MPS-517 MPF-2-200 MPE-16-115V MPE-12-115V Performance Pro