Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000
Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000
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The Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000 creates spectacular waterfalls and provides superior filtration in ponds up to 5000 gallons. Filtration begins with the built-in spray bar that oxygenates pond water. The pond water then flows through three hanging brush filters and into three media-containing chambers for mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. All chambers have built-in handles for easy removal, cleaning and media replacement. A 19" wide spillway creates an attractive waterfall feature. The spillway has 4 threaded hose connection bulkheads to create additional remote waterfalls and streams or for circulating water to other pond equipment.
  • Made of injection-molded plastic for lasting and durable performance
  • Reinforced lid supports up to 400lb 
  • Lid features molded handles, built-in locks and padlock holes
  • Includes coarse mechanical/biological filter pad and Biospheres biological filter media