Natural Kote Prime 620 Urethane - Coating for LP SmartSide and Other Pre-Primed Siding
Natural Kote Prime 620 Urethane - Coating for LP SmartSide and Other Pre-Primed Siding
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Natural-Kote™ Prime 620 Urethane is a coating specially designed for use on pre-primed siding such as LP Smartside, Primed Duratemp, James Hardie Board and Cement board sidings. It enhances the textured grains and gives the appearance of real wood!

  • Enhanced UV stability for superior exterior durability
  • More flexible than traditional urethanes, preventing cracking and peeling
  • Enhanced scuff and abrasion resistance
See attached PDF for application instructions
Also available in 55 gallon drums, perfect for large-scale projects and contracting needs. Contact us for pricing.

. . . . . . . Application Guide
Professional Equipment High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer, Airless Paint Sprayer w/#11 Tip, Wood Sander, Floor Buffer, Pressure Washer, Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum, Floor Fans.
Manual Applicators High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer, Airless Paint Sprayer w/#11 Tip, Wood Sander, Floor Buffer, Pressure Washer, Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum, Floor Fans.
Misc. Tools & Supplies Masking Tape, Painters Tape, Mop & Bucket, Clean Rags. Do not use a conventional nap roller as Natural-KoteTM is a penetrating technology where you do not want to leave a topical film.
Surface Preparation Proper surface preparation is critical to a successful long term and beautiful installation. Surfaces must be clean and free of any other sealers, waxes, oils, tannins, or coatings for proper penetration. Check the surface for porosity by spraying water. If the water beads or fails to penetrate right away, you have a coating substance that requires removal.
Sanding/Stripping Sanding is the most efficient and quickest method of surface preparation. Always strip existing stains when changing colors or stain systems. Apply stripper liberally with a HD pump sprayer or by roller and allow to dwell for 10 minutes to 12 hours depending on the age, type, and thickness of coating material. Always test a small area to establish the most effective dwell time prior to full application. For large area applications most will find it convenient to apply and allow to dwell overni
Test Surface Always test a small area prior to full installation. Approximate spread rate is between 400-600 square foot per gallon depending on the application method and porosity of the substrate. You may purchase 2 ounce sample Jars to test for actual colors on your wood species. Porous wood species will tend to be darker. (See Tips)
Application Mask areas not intended to be stained. Note: If necessary, you may dilute the product with up to 10% clean water and mix well. Keep in mind, diluting the product will lighten the original color slightly and lower the solids content. Avoid allowing the stain to puddle. Avoid the temptation to apply thick coats like you would with paint. Application method and material rate will affect the stain color.
Additional Coats If an additional coat is required, proceed with caution and ensure that all topical residue is removed completely. If your wood species is very porous or subject to uneven stain distribution, use of Natural-KoteTM Tint Base (without pigment) may be necessary to act as a wood conditioner.
HVLP Sprayer Application Set HVLP gun to a fine mist spray. Find the optimum pressure between 20-50 psi. If using a Black & Decker or similar electric portable unit, the stain tip will generally produce a favorable spray setting. Apply in a thin even pattern and avoid puddles. If excessive topical stain is present, you must wipe all stain residue prior to application of your sealer or topcoat finish.
Manual Applicator 16” NylFoam Applicator- Pour Natural-KoteTM in a large 18” paint tray and saturate pad evenly. Apply Natural-KoteTM moving from left to right or right to left in 3’ passes. Work the stain into the wood substrate for a thin even coat. Do not allow Natural-KoteTM topical stain must be worked into the substrate.
Black & Decker Stain Stick Using the filling tube, siphon Natural-KoteTM to capacity. Apply in small sections along wood planks and work from left to right or right to left. Make sure to work in all stain removing lap marks or topical stain.
Sponge or Stain Pad Applicator Pour Natural-KoteTM in a bucket or paint tray. Lightly saturate the applicator and rub or wipe the stain into the surface until dry.
Wiping Pad or Cloth Slighty saturate applicator with Natural-KoteTM. Apply as a wiping stain and rub into the wood surface ensuring an even thin coat application. Spread as far as the stain will go until dry. Repeat the process until finished. Make sure you wipe all excess stain for proper drying and curing prior to finish coat application.
Drying Time Natural-KoteTM will generally dry to the touch within 1 hour depending on environmental conditions. Colder climates and high humidity will prolong drying times. When applying additional coats over the 1st coat, be sure to wear socks or protective shoe covers to avoid marks or contamination of the stain coat. Apply additional coat with caution and observe porosity limitations of the wood substrate. Natural-KoteTM requires approximately 6 hours to dry prior to applying Acri-Soy Clear Finish Sealer
Buffering Option You may expedite the drying time and also effectively even the Natural-KoteTM installation by buffing the stain application. Buff with a light (white or tan pad) after approximately 30 minutes of the stain application. Test a small area prior to full buffing to ensure Natural-KoteTM has penetrated sufficiently. This buffing method will enhance the penetration and drying time significantly. AcriSoy Sealer application may be applied as soon as 2 hours after the buffing process.
Acri-Soy Sealer Application Apply Acri-Soy after the recommended dry time of Natural-KoteTM The sealer application is recommended to provide a lock-in protective barrier that protects your wood surface and provides a lock-in barrier against moisture and staining. Most applications will require only a single coat. It is recommended to install a minimum of 2 coats for automotive and high traffic areas for maximum protection. Allow approximately 1 hour undercoat dry time between sealer coats.
Basic Troubleshooting Lap Marks or Over Saturation of Stain- If you experience undesirable marks or topical stain accumulation that has begun to dry, simply spray water over the area and buff the area to spread the stain as desired.
Tackiness of Natural-KoteTM If Natural-KoteTM remains tacky even after 12 or more hours, it is a result of improper penetration due to lack of substrate porosity or over-application. If there is no place for the stain to go, it will simply stay on the top surface and try to cure. Remove all topical residue with an applicable pad or cloth. If the tackiness is not resolved, Call A&L Paint Co. for technical assistance.
White Residue We recommend shutting off any irrigation that may affect an outdoor installation during the curing period. For unexpected rainfall, Natural-KoteTM has an inherent water repellency chemistry to withstand unexpected rainfall or standing water during installation as long as it was installed properly and allowed to dry for at least 12 hours. Avoid installation of Acri-Soy during rainy forecasts for outdoor installations. If Acri-Soy is subjected to standing water before the full chemical cure, it
Stain Care Avoid using chemicals to clean the surface during the curing period and up to 14 days. Surfaces may be subjected to normal foot traffic within 12-24 hours depending on environmental conditions. Use caution and avoid applying tape or dragging equipment, furniture, etc. over the sealed surface during the curing period. Standard maintenance cleaning requires only the use of water and/or neutral cleaner. We recommend the use of microfiber wet/dry mops for a chemical free maintenance of your stain