Oase BioTec 18000 ScreenMatic2 - Flow-Through Biomechanical Gravity Filter
Oase BioTec 18000 ScreenMatic2 - Flow-Through Biomechanical Gravity Filter
Screenmatic2Top ViewSelf-Cleaning Debris Screen
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The Oase BioTec ScreenMatic2 18000 Large Pond Filter SystemFlow is a flow-through Biomechanical Gravity Filter with multi-stage filters in a compact package, perfect for large ponds with high fish load. Mechanical filtration separates out particles and debris using a 300-micron mesh screen, which is cleaned automatically by the filter every 15 minutes!
  • Mechanical stage: Water flows through debris screen, which deposits debris into separate tray for easy removal
  • Biological stage: Water passes through a foam filter zone that promotes colonization of beneficial bacteria
  • Final stage: "Phosless" cartridges bind phosphorous and remove it from the water column, inhibiting algae growth
  • Boasts an amazing filtration capacity relative to its size!
  • Partially self-maintaining product
  • 2 year warranty (additional year upon product registration)
  • Ships truck freight - you must be available to unload it!

Dimensions: (L x W x H)  31" x 23" x 21.5"
Operating Voltage:  110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption:  5 Watts
Power Cable Length  7' (Power Supply) + 16.4' (Unit)
Number of Filter Foams, Total  8
Number of Blue Filter Foams  2
Number of Red Filter Foams  3
Number of Purple Filter Foams  2
Phosless Filter Media  2 units
Minimum Flow Rate:  1,585 GPH
Maximum Flow Rate:  4,000 GPH
Coarse Debris Separation:  300 Microns
Intake Tubing Connections:  1", 1.25", 1.5" MM
Outlet Connection:  2" MM
Sludge Drain Connection:  2" MM
Pond Size: (No Fish)  18,000 Gallons
Pond Size: (Small Fish)  9,000 Gallons
Pond Size: (Koi)  4,500 Gallons