Oase IceFree Pond Ice Preventer
Oase IceFree Pond Ice Preventer
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In a frozen pond, waste gases can accumulate and harm or kill fish and Koi. The Oase IceFree Pond Ice Preventer keeps part of the pond surface free from ice by continually circulating warmer water from the lower layers to the surface. For most climates, this low-power pump is much more efficient than using pond heaters. The float has a wintry design to camouflage, and is connected to the pump via a silicon tube.

  • Keeps an 8" diameter area around the float free of ice down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Energy-efficient, using only 5 Watts - compared to 250 Watts or more for heaters
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • CSA Listed
Maximum Flow Rate 110gph
Maximum Head Height 2.5 Feet
Power Cord Length 15 Feet
Power Specifications 110V / 60Hz