ProEco Floating Fountains - White or Color-Changing
ProEco Floating Fountains - White or Color-Changing
Closeup of Fountain HeadIndividual ComponentsFountain in DaytimeFountain at Night (White)
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ProEco Floating Fountains are a perfect plug-and-play solution for any pond. These floating fountains are easy to install and can be easily repositioned to change the appearance of your pond. The fountains not only look good, but also help with pond aeration and circulation. The integrated LED lights produce a beautiful display at night further adding to the enjoyment of your water feature.

Flow Rate 500 GPH
Power Options 110 / 120 Volts
Power Cord Length 30 Feet
Number of LEDs 96
Spray Dimensions 30" Diameter x 40" High
Warranty 3 Years
Features Benefits
Easy to Install and Reposition Can be moved to change appearance of pond
Integrated LED Lights Beautiful night display
Help with Pond Aeration and Circulation