ProLine™ Pressurized Filter Systems
ProLine™ Pressurized Filter Systems
Interior ViewP-1000, P-2000, PUV-1000, PUV-2000 ModelsP-4000, PUV-4000 Models
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ProLine™ Pressurized Filter Systems are a premium solution for pond filtration, featuring a unique, manually operated agitator that quickly dislodges waste from the filter chamber. This Patent Pending feature allows you to backwash and rinse the filter in seconds, without getting wet or coming in contact with residue. Best of all, you never need to open the filter!
  • Clear-Vue inspection port lets you monitor backwash/rinse cycles
  • Bio-Matrix™ media affords maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • 3-Way Master Valve make it easy to switch between "filter," "rinse," and "backwash" settings
Item # Model Pond Capacity UV Size Compatible Pump Size Dimensions
05010 P-1000 1000 Gallons N/A 900-2000gph (20' Max Head) 17"Dia x 20"H
05020 P-2000 2000 Gallons N/A 1000-2000gph (20' Max Head) 17"Dia x 20"H
05040 P-4000 4000 Gallons N/A 1000-4000gph (20' Max Head) 19"Dia x 26"H
05015 PUV-1000 1000 Gallons 10 Watts 900-2000gph (20' Max Head) 17"Dia x 20"H
05025 PUV-2000 2000 Gallons 20 Watts 1000-2000gph (20' Max Head) 17"Dia x 20"H
05045 PUV-4000 4000 Gallons 40 Watts 1000-4000gph (20' Max Head) 19"Dia x 26"H

PGP NOTE: This pressurized filter is much better than many of the smaller so-called pressurized filters that use sponges, which clog fast and need to be cleaned often. The backflush feature is definitely a huge positive. However, for those wanting the absolute best in pressurized filters, I recommend the Ultima II filter as the #1 pond filter available. Still, while I've not used these ProLine™ filters in my local installations, they do seem to be a good alternative for those who want a high quality filter, but don't want to spend twice as much on an Ultima II filter.
Power Cord 18 Feet
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Features Benefits
Built-In Agitator Unlocks waste, conserving water during backwash and rinse cycles
3-Way Master Valve (Patent Pending) Easily switch between "filter," "rinse," and "backwash" modes
Clear-Vue Inspection Port Monitor waste clarity during backwash/rinse operation
Pressurized Stainless Steel Clamp Ensures a watertight seal
Includes Bio-Matrix™ Media Maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
Heavy Duty Poly Canister Can be buried for hidden installation
Integrated Waterproof UV Transformer (UV Models Only)
Includes 1.5" Swivel Fitting and Ball Valve