Pondmaster® Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifiers
Pondmaster® Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifiers
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Pondmaster® Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifiers can be used either fully submersibly or out of the water! They feature the glowing monitor Halo Rings™ which indicate whether the unit is working. Visible during the day and night from ANY angle, the soft blue halo lets you know that everything is functioning properly.

Item # Size Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate Inlet/Outlet Halo
02910 10 Watts 1500 Gallons 700gph 3/4" Barb 1
02920 20 Watts 3000 Gallons 1800gph 1" Barb 2
02940 40 Watts 7000 Gallons 3000gph 1.5" Threaded;
1.5" Barb Adapter
02910 02920 92040 SUP02910 SUP02920 SUP02940 SU02910 SU02920 SU02940 Danner Supreme
Bulb Life 9000 Hours
Power Cord 18 Feet with Grounded Plug
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Features Benefits
Fully Submersible Unit with Vortex Flow Design Exposes water to ultraviolet light for a longer time
Glowing Monitor Halo Rings™ Easily visible indicator of whether unit is working
Black Color Unobtrusive whether used in or out of water
Watertight Quartz Sleeve Protects UV bulb
Includes Transformer
Unique Vortex Flow Design