ProLine™ Low-Pressure Filters
ProLine™ Low-Pressure Filters
2000 Gallon Filter (#05310)2000 Gallon Filter with 20 Watt UV (#05312)3000 Gallon Filter (#05340)3000 Gallon Filter with 40 Watt UV (#05345)
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ProLine™ Low-Pressure Filters are ideal for small to medium water gardens, barrel ponds and container ponds. With effective mechanical and biological filtration (plus an integrated UV unit in select models), all of your filtration needs are wrapped up in one package! Pair with a Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive or HY-Drive pump for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption.
  • Reusable filter media means a healthier pond environment for your fish and plants with less cost
  • Heavy duty weather-resistant ABS plastic body can be buried for an inconspicuous setup
  • Integrated UV (select models) reduces free-floating algae that cause green water
05310 05312 05340 05345 SUP05310 SUP05312 SUP05340 SUP05345 SU05310 SU05312 SU05340 SU05345 Danner Supreme
Features Benefits
Heavy Duty Weather Resistant ABS Plastic Housing Can be buried for inconspicuous filtration
Large Capacity Housing and Reusable Filter Material Helps maintain a healthy environment for your pond fish and aquatic plants
High Surface Area Biological Media Provides ample surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
Reusable Foam Filter Pad Effective mechanical filtration without needing to be replaced
Best when Paired with Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive or HY-Drive Pumps Provides maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption
Built-In UV Clarifier with Waterproof Transformer (Some Models) Reduces free floating algae that turns pond water green
Can be Used as a Trickle Filter for Small Waterfalls