Savio Compact Skimmerfilter CS0000
Savio Compact Skimmerfilter CS0000
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The Savio Compact Skimmerfilter™ delivers dynamic multi-stage filtration for smaller ponds and water features, combining four types of filtration for superior pond water clarity. This all-in-one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra plumbing and equipment. Providing complete filtration for ponds up to 700 gallons, and a skimming solution for ponds up to 2500 gallons.

  • UV Filtration - Patented UV system can be installed (sold separately) to provide a safe, chemical-free way to eliminate green water
  • Skimming Action - Pulls debris from the surface of the water, capturing in a rigid leaf basket with handle for clean disposal
  • Biological Filtration - Filter media provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize, converting biological waste from fish, ammonia and other toxins to inert forms
  • Mechanical Filtration - Protects and extends the life of your pump, providing a place to conceal ugly equipment and plumbing

Boasts the same strong injection-molded housing and cylindrical design of the Standard Skimmerfilter, resisting warping and compaction in the ground.The Savio Compact Skimmerfilter™ works as a complete filtration solution for ponds up to 700 gallons (or skimming for ponds up to 2500 gallons.

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