TetraPond® Filtration Fountain Kits
TetraPond® Filtration Fountain Kits
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Save $10 on FK5 or FK6 with mail-in rebate (must purchase before 6/30/18)

The TetraPond® Filtration Fountain Kits are an all-in-one solution for adding a fountain to your pond! All come with a pump, a filtration component, three fountain heads (frothy, spray, and bell pattern), swivel adjuster for leveling fountain heads, and diverter assembly.

Item # Model Pump Component Filter Component
26594 FK3 WG325 Pump (325gph) Foam Prefilter
26593 FK5 WG325 Pump (325gph) SF1 Flat Box Filter
26598 FK6 WG550 Pump (550gph) SF1 Flat Box Filter