UltraClear® Pond Flocculant by ABI Inc.
UltraClear® Pond Flocculant by ABI Inc.
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UltraClear® Flocculant instantly begins clarifying the pond. It contains organic polymers that force particles to clump together, allowing them to be removed by a filter or to settle at the pond floor. Flocculation also removes phosphates from pond water. Flocculant works in just hours! 

How Does UltraClear® Flocculant Work?
Suspended particles, such as silt particles, free-swimming alge, and tiny bits of decaying organic matter, cause poor water clarity. Flocculant is a polymer product with the ability to clump small particles together, causing them to become larger and heavier. The resulting clumps can be vacuumed from the pond floor or filtered away. The result is a healthy, clear pond within 24 hours! It does unfortunately remove desireable bacteria as well, so it is recommended to use Biological Pond Clarifier or another beneficial bacteria product after using a chemical clarifier like UltraClear® Flocculant.

Application Instructions
Use 2 ounces of Flocculant for every 1000 gallons (about 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons). While Flocculant will work at any time of day, its best effectiveness is in early evening, when CO2 and pH levels are low and O2 levels are high. Dilute into a gallon or more of water and distribute evenly around the pond. The next day, use a filter or vacuum to remove large clumps. When used as directed, it will not harm fish, wildlife or plants. Not safe for human ingestion, should not be used for fish intended for human consumption. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Like any household chemical, should be stored out of reach of children.