EasyPro RealRock Landscape Boulders
EasyPro RealRock Landscape Boulders
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These RealRockTM Boulders are ideal for concealing air pumps, water pumps, pond filters, UVs, lighting transformers and other equipment. Commercial grade construction stands up to the elements. Color and texture is part of material, not painted on. Lightweight, easy to move and very durable, will not fade or crack. Made of recycled material. All rocks come standard with one vent, additional vents can be ordered if needed.

Three Sizes:
DMBR ...Measures 19" long x 14" wide x 12" high, includes one 3" vent
DLB1 .....Measures 30" long x 23" wide x 18" high, includes one 3" vent
DLB2 ....Measures 56" long x 42" wide x 30" high, includes one 4" vent