EasyPro Rocking Piston PA86 Pond Aeration System
EasyPro Rocking Piston PA86 Pond Aeration System
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PA86W kits include compressor, brass valve assembly with pressure relief valve, 600' of 3/8" weighted tubing, four EPMD2 double air diffusers, fittings and clamps. 

PA86 Basic Systems Feature:
• 3/4 hp Stratus SRC Gen 2 compressor with two year warranty
• Four valve manifold with pressure relief
• Choice of 600' of 3 /8" Quick Sink tubing or no tubing, see page 36 for tubing options
• Four EPMD2 rubber membrane diffuser assemblies or no diffusers for custom system, see page 40 for diffuser options
• Approximately 1.6 cfm air flow per diffuser
• Typical operation cost of $1.10 per 24 hours at .09¢ per kWh, actual cost may vary
• Two year warranty on compressor, 5 year warranty on tubing, diffusers, and cabinets 
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