EasyPro Semi-Square Tanks and Tank Stands
EasyPro Semi-Square Tanks and Tank Stands
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EasyPro offers a variety of tanks and tank systems for both educational and aquaculture applications. Tanks are lightweight, inexpensive, freshwater or saltwater compatible and have a long life expectancy. These one piece tanks do not have factory installed drains, use bulkhead fittings for water tight drain connections. Semi-Square Tanks provide the most volume of water in a gross area. Contoured for self cleaning. Nestable tanks also feature a sloped bottom for total tank drainage. Tanks do need a support stand. Ideal for koi display tanks.  Stands are available for tanks - not included

50 gallon tank is 26" x 26" x 18"
110 gallon tank is 31" x 31" x 27"
180 gallon tank is 42" x 42" x 22"
450 gallon tank is 62" x 62" x 28"