EasyPro Tranquil Decor Fountain - Real Basalt Kit 35"
EasyPro Tranquil Decor Fountain - Real Basalt Kit 35"
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Tranquil Décor Real Basalt columns have unmatched simple beauty.
Perfect for creating a bubbling feature in a landscape or indoors, these columns will provide years of enjoyment. Each column is core drilled with 1 1/4" (32mm) hole from end to end, the last 1 1/2" is enlarged to 1 3/8" (37mm) to house light ring.
Polished top style Real Basalts are available.
Natural cut sides with sloped natural top make for a beautiful display even if the pump is off.

Comes with all of this:

  • 35" real stone Basalt Column with slanted top
  • Water catch basin - RBH29
  • Pump - MP230
  • LED Ring Light - LED8B
  • Plumbing kit including vynal hose and friction ring 
  • FSB basin netting
Follow these simple instructions to install: 
  1. Dig hole and install 29 x 24 x 13 deep basin, ensuring that it is firm and perfectly level (this is very important due to the weight of the stone
  2. Pre-measure your tubing and cut to perfect length for your Basalt
  3. Put the light cord down the Basalt column from the top down, push down with thin rod if necessary.  
  4. Push hose up through the basalt from the bottom, holding the light cord to keep it in place.  
  5. Place the friction ring over the hose from the top.
  6. Push light ring barb into the top of the hose until snug.  
  7. Push the Friction Ring upward until it gets snug around the hose that is over the barbed fitting.
  8. Gently pulling on the light cord and hose (from the bottom) so that it does not stay bunched up inside the basalt, push the light into the recess at the top of the basalt ocolumn until it becomes snug in the rock but without dislodging the hose from the barbed fitting.  
  9. Run the hose and the light cord into the basin, while tipping the rock up into the standing position.  It is best to do this with two people so that someone can make sure the cord and pipe do not get pinched.  
  10.  Connect the pump to the hose inside the basin.
  11. Bring the light cord out of the basin and connect to the transformer where it can be safely plugged into a receptical.  
  12. Fill the basin with water and plug in the pump.
  13. NOTE:  If the rock gurgles or does not flow freely from the top of the rock, the hose may be kinked or it may have become fully or partly dislodged from the barbed fitting.   
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Features Kit Includes
Sloped natural top directs water in one direction Pump
Recommended flow rate 200-400gph Basin
Due to the natural characteristics of basalt, weight and size vary Plumbing Kit
35" tall x 8" to 11" diameter Light Kit