Trouble Shooting your Savio UVinex UV unit

Potential reasons for the UVinex UV light not lighting:

  1. The bulb could be burned out. I do not have a means of testing the bulb other than to use it in a unit that has been tested and is operating at the proper volts. Savio UV bulbs come with a 90 day warranty.

  2. The transformer could be broken. If you have the ability to test your UVinex fixture with a simple voltage tester, the volts should be between 110 and 120 when you put a tester on the receptors. Savio UVinex units come with a 1 year warranty.

    Testing the unit: I am able and willing to test units for customer who purchased them from me. You will be responsible for shipping to and from my home. I will simply test the voltage of the UVinex unit and let you know if the unit should be safe and operable if you add a new bulb.

Why do I still have green water in my pond even if my UVinex UV is lit?

Potential reason

  1. The Ultraviolet qualities of the bulb begin to diminish as soon as the bulb is put to use. It is possible for the bulb to still be lit and yet for its "Ultraviolet qualities" to be diminished to the point of uselessness against the green water algae cell. Therefore we recommend replacing the bulb after one year of use regardless of whether or not it is still lit.

  2. Other than the bulb or the unit itself being defective, your pond might not clear of green water if the UV unit you are using is not properly sized for the pond or is not properly sized for the pump that you are using. For a UV to be effective, you must be cycling your pond’s water past the UV at a rate of at least the full size of your pond in gallons every two hours (example: for a 1000 gallon pond you must be cycling past the UV by a flow rate of at least 500 gph). In addition, the UV unit you are using must be able to handle the gallons per hour that you are flowing past it.

    The Savio UVinex UV units are rated to handle the following flow rates: 
    • One 18 watt UVinex Unit can handle up to 2,000 gph.
    • One 26 watt UVinex Unit can handle up to 3,000 gph.
    • Two 26 watt UVinex Units can handle up to 6,000 gph.
    • One 50 watt UVinex Unit can handle up to 4,750 gph.
    • Two 50 watt UVinex Units can handle more than the 8,500 gph capacity of the full size skimmer.

  3. If you have one UVinex UV unit on one side of your full size skimmer and none on the other it is necessary to use a "baffle block" on the opposite side to force all of the water to run thru the side with the UV. Otherwise your results will not be predictable.