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Oase AquaOxy 450 Aeration SystemOase AquaOxy 450 Aeration System
Air injection is a great aid for ensuring a healthy pond environment and water quality using aeration and biological filtration. The Oase AquaOxy 450 improves oxygen levels using two adjustable air flow outlets and two weighted air stones, ensuring high volumes of oxygen in the pond.

    Oase AquaOxy 450 Aeration System Replacement PartsOase AquaOxy 450 Aeration System Replacement PartsReplacement membranes, air tubes and air stones are available for Oase AquaOxy aeration systems.
    Oase OxyTex Air DiffuserOase OxyTex Air Diffuser
    The Oase OxyTex Air Diffuser is a pond aerator and filter medium -- all in one! In combination with an AquaOxy 450 pump, it injects air for optimized gas exchange and works to ensure the health of fish.