Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Lighting

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biOrb 5 Watt Halogen Light BulbbiOrb 5 Watt Halogen Light Bulb

This 5 Watt, 12V replacement halogen bulb for the biOrb® Classic 15 halogen light has a heat-reflective coating to prevent damage to the light unit. Fits original version of the biOrb® Classic 15.

biOrb® Extension Cord for Aquarium LED LightingbiOrb® Extension Cord for Aquarium LED Lighting

The biOrb® LED Light Extension Cable can be used to extend the length of either the air pump or LED lighting lead. Simply plug one end into the lead and the other end into the 12V biOrb® transformer.

    biOrb® Standard LED LightbiOrb® Standard LED Light

    The biOrb® Standard LED Light comes with cable, switch and 2-pin plug to connect to your existing biOrb® transformer. The bright white LEDs are suitable for 50,000 hours of lighting.

      Hagen® Marina® Showcase 15W and 25W BulbsHagen® Marina® Showcase 15W and 25W BulbsHagen® Marina® Showcase Bulbs are incandescent bulbs that provide long-lasting illumination for a wide variety of aquarium settings. Screw-on bulbs fit standard size light fixtures. Clear bulbs, red bulbs, blue bulbs and green bulbs are available.
      LED Light Power Adapters for Lifegard Aquatics Aquarium LightsLED Light Power Adapters for Lifegard Aquatics Aquarium LightsThese LED Light Power Adapters are intended for use with Lifegard Aquatics aquarium lights. See the chart below to select the correct sized power adapter for your light.
      Lifegard Aquatics 10" LED Nano Light and Power AdapterLifegard Aquatics 10" LED Nano Light and Power AdapterThe Lifegard Aquatics 10" LED Nano Light is a high output LED plant light used in the Lifegard Full-View Aquarium. This 12 Watt light features white, red, blue, green and pink LEDs.
      Lifegard Aquatics Freshwater LED - Ultra-Slim Blue/White LED LightsLifegard Aquatics Freshwater LED - Ultra-Slim Blue/White LED Lights

      Lifegard Aquatics Freshwater LED Ultra-Slime Blue/White LED Lights provide excellent all-purpose lighting for freshwater or marine aquariums. These cool running, energy-efficient fixtures deliver full spectrum and light intensity capable of supporting marine life. 

        Tetra® GloFish® LED Aquarium LightTetra® GloFish® LED Aquarium Light

        The Tetra® GloFish® LED Aquarium Light fits aquariums up to 30" long and should be used with a glass or clear plastic canopy. Blue LEDs enhance GloFish® colors!

        Tetra® GloFish® LED Light SticksTetra® GloFish® LED Light Sticks

        Tetra® GloFish® LED Light Sticks can be easily added to any aquarium to create the ultimate GloFish® environment. This waterproof LED light can be used with any glass canopy or light hood and feature simple clips that fit into the front of your aquarium frame.

          Tetra® GloFish® Universal LED LightTetra® GloFish® Universal LED Light
          The Tetra® GloFish® Universal LED Aquarium Light features an adjustable clamp to fit most standard aquariums up to 15 gallons. Blue LEDs enhance GloFish® colors and give fish an exciting, fluorescent look, even appearing to glow in the dark!