Aquarium Cleaning and Filtration

Aquarium Cleaning and Filtration

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biOrb® Anti Algae Service Kit (Green Water Clarifier)biOrb® Anti Algae Service Kit (Green Water Clarifier)

To get green water problems under control, this cartridge can be used in place of the normal filter cartridge temporarily. Along with the sachets of treatment supplied, it will remove the algae which causes green water. 

biOrb® Bubble Tube CleanerbiOrb® Bubble Tube CleanerThis two-piece cleaning set allows you to clean both the inside and the outside of your bubble tube without getting your hands wet or dirty!
biOrb® Cleaner Pump - Remove Water and Vacuum WastebiOrb® Cleaner Pump - Remove Water and Vacuum Waste

The biOrb® Cleaner Pump works like a siphon but has a squeezy hand pump to get the water flowing and is really easy to use. Clean out debris from the aquarium with ease!

biOrb® Cleaning Pad 3-PackbiOrb® Cleaning Pad 3-Pack

biOrb® Cleaning Pads have been made from a material which won't scratch. They have a soft side for gentle cleaning and a rough side for tougher algae deposits. Remove dirt and algae without worrying about damaging the biOrb® aquarium!

biOrb® Filter Cartridge for biOrbAIRbiOrb® Filter Cartridge for biOrbAIR

The biOrb® AIR Filter Cartridge is open cell foam with activated carbon to absorb odors.

biOrb® High-Gloss Polish with Micro-Fiber Cleaning ClothbiOrb® High-Gloss Polish with Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

In just minutes, you can give your biOrb® a brilliant showroom shine! biOrb® High-Gloss Polish is easy to apply and suitable for all high-gloss plastic, acrylic and glass surfaces.

  • Repels dust and resists fingerprints
  • Non-toxic and anti-static
  • Includes polish and microfiber cloth
biOrb® Maintenance KitbiOrb® Maintenance Kit

This Maintenance Kit includes filter cartridges, water preparation chemicals for carrying out a partial water change, cleaning pads for removing dirt and algae, acrylic polish with cloth, airstone, and water optimiser. Contains easy to follow step by step instructions. 

biOrb® Scratch Remover PolishbiOrb® Scratch Remover Polish

Use to remove fine scratches and restore your biOrb® to its original appearance.

biOrb® Service KitbiOrb® Service Kit
The biOrb® Service Kit provides the necessities for routine maintenance on biOrb® aquariums. The kit includes spare mechanical and biological filter cartridges, a cleaning cloth with rough and soft sides for easy cleaning of acrylic surface, water conditioner and biological booster.

    Hagen® AquaClear® Bio-Max Filter InsertsHagen® AquaClear® Bio-Max Filter Inserts
    AquaClear® Bio-Max Filter Inserts provide an optimal environment for the colonization and growth of beneficial bacteria, which is essential for effective biological filtration and water purification. Increases biological filtration efficiency by 30%. 
          Hagen® AquaClear® Foam Filter InsertsHagen® AquaClear® Foam Filter Inserts
          AquaClear® Foam Filter Inserts are mechanical filter media that effectively remove particles and debris from aquarium water. They also prevent particulate waste from prematurely clogging other media in the filter.
              Hagen® Fluval® Filter Pads - Foam Pads, Polyester Pads, and Carbon Pads for Fluval® 1 Plus, 2 Plus, 3 Plus & 4 PlusHagen® Fluval® Filter Pads - Foam Pads, Polyester Pads, and Carbon Pads for Fluval® 1 Plus, 2 Plus, 3 Plus & 4 Plus
              Fluval® filter pads has been specially developed for the Fluval® Plus Underwater Filters. The large filtering surface ensures efficient cleaning of the aquarium water.
                Hagen® Fluval® Peat Granules, 17.6oz (500g)Hagen® Fluval® Peat Granules, 17.6oz (500g)
                Fluval® Peat Granules are the all-natural way to soften aquarium water and achieve the pH levels required for breeding and rearing certain tropical fish. Peat contains humic acid, tanning agents, and trace elements that are essential for various life processes.
                      Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® Bacto-Surge™ Biological Foam SpongesHikari® Aquarium Solutions® Bacto-Surge™ Biological Foam Sponges
                      Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® Bacto-Surge™ foam sponges promote beneficial bacteria colonization in freshwater or marine aquariums. These highly porous sponges with increased surface area maximize bacterial action.

                        Lifegard Aquatics AquaStep® Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer ModuleLifegard Aquatics AquaStep® Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizer Module
                        Lifegard Aquatics AquaStep® Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizers provide an effective, chemical-free way of eliminating free-floating algae and disease-causing pathogens. The internal step design directs water back and forth across UV light, tripling the contact time for increased effectiveness.
                        Lifegard Aquatics Basic Scratch Removal Kit - For Handheld UseLifegard Aquatics Basic Scratch Removal Kit - For Handheld UseThe Lifegard Aquatics Scratch Removal Kits are ideal for removing scratches from acrylic aquariums and many forms of plastic and wood surfaces. The Basic Scratch Kit is intended for hand-held use.
                        Lifegard Aquatics Chemical Filter ModulesLifegard Aquatics Chemical Filter Modules
                        Lifegard Aquatics Chemical Filter Modules provide excellent chemical filtration for aquariums, whether using pelletized carbon, Zeolite, Ion Exchange Resins or other biological media. It can be used as a biological chamber if filled with biological filter media, to provide surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.
                        Lifegard Aquatics Fluidized Bed FilterLifegard Aquatics Fluidized Bed Filter
                        Lifegard Aquatics Fluidized Bed Filters are extremely efficient, high capacity biological filters. These filters are excellent for eliminating toxic ammonia from the fish tank by encouraging the process of nitrification. The design of the filter, suspending media in continual free fall, provides high surface area for beneficial bacteria growth as well as excellent transfer between water and bacteria for high effectiveness. 
                        Lifegard Aquatics Mechanical Filter ModulesLifegard Aquatics Mechanical Filter Modules
                        Lifegard Aquatics Mechanical Filter Modules provide excellent particle filtration for aquariums, trapping particles from 20 microns down to 5 microns.

                          Lifegard Aquatics Mighty Mag Aquarium Algae CleanerLifegard Aquatics Mighty Mag Aquarium Algae Cleaner
                          Lifegard Aquatics Mighty Mag Aquarium Algae Cleaner is the simplest and easiest solution to effectively remove algae from your glass aquarium. This cleaner is designed for any size aquarium and can be discreetly hidden when not in use even in the smallest Nano aquariums. 
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