Aquarium Treatments

Aquarium Treatments

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biOrb® Anti Algae Service Kit (Green Water Clarifier)biOrb® Anti Algae Service Kit (Green Water Clarifier)

To get green water problems under control, this cartridge can be used in place of the normal filter cartridge temporarily. Along with the sachets of treatment supplied, it will remove the algae which causes green water. 

biOrb® Service Kit 3-Pack with Water OptimiserbiOrb® Service Kit 3-Pack with Water Optimiser

This service pack includes three complete service kits with filter cartridge, cleaning cloth, and water treatment. In addition to those things, it also includes a 100ml bottle of Water Optimiser. Suitable for all biOrb aquariums.

biOrb® Water Optimiser - Aquarium Water ClarifierbiOrb® Water Optimiser - Aquarium Water Clarifier

Water Optimiser improves biological filtration, removes impurities and benefits the well-being of your fish. It is 100% natural and completely safe. You can’t overdose your aquarium with this fluid. 

    Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® BiFuran+ Treatment for Microbial Bacteria and Protozoan DiseasesHikari® Aquarium Solutions® BiFuran+ Treatment for Microbial Bacteria and Protozoan Diseases
    Hikari® BiFuran+ is the world's first aquatic treatment for microbial bacteria and protozoan diseases that targets the infected areas and includes a skim-slime replacer to speed recovery. BiFuran+ is a powdered formula that is safe and effective.
      Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® ClorAm-X™ - Removes Ammonia, Chlorine, & ChloramineHikari® Aquarium Solutions® ClorAm-X™ - Removes Ammonia, Chlorine, & Chloramine
      Hikari® ClorAm-X™ utilizes a patented molecule to destroy chloramine and remove ammonia and chlorine. Unlike most ammonia removers, ClorAm-X does more than just bind up ammonia and hope the biological filter removes the ammonia before fish health is impacted -- ClorAm-X removes ammonia right away!
      Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® Ich-X® - Treats Ich and other Diseases!Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® Ich-X® - Treats Ich and other Diseases!
      Hikari® Ich-X® is a safer and more effective way to treat Ich and similar conditions such as Cryptocaryonaisis, Trichodiniasis, Velvet and Saprolegniasis. Ich-X® utilizes the most widely respected formulation, with a less toxic form of malachite green.
        Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® Stress-X™ Stress ReducerHikari® Aquarium Solutions® Stress-X™ Stress Reducer
        Hikari® Stress-X™ is an effective way to replace lost slime-coat on freshwater, marine or pond fishes while helping to reduce stress and more! It also removes chlorine and free iodine, detoxifies nitrite and heavy metals (including copper), boosts alkalinity and adds eletrolytes.

          Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® Ultimate® Water ConditionerHikari® Aquarium Solutions® Ultimate® Water Conditioner
          Hikari® Ultimate® is a full-function water conditioner for freshwater, marine or pond environments. Ultimate® instantly "ages" water, allowing your pets to acclimate more quickly and eliminating the danger of toxic chloramine, ammonia, chlorine, heavy metals or nitrite.
          Tetra® GloFish® Color BoosterTetra® GloFish® Color Booster
          Tetra® GloFish® Color Booster provides ideal conditions to support maximum color and health in GloFish. This easy-to-use formula is scientifically formulated to enhance color proteins, reduce fluctuations in pH and lower nitrate.
            Tetra® GloFish® Water ConditionerTetra® GloFish® Water Conditioner
            Tetra® GloFish® Water Conditioner is a scientifically developed conditioner with unique immune boosters and stress reducers that allow your fish to thrive and display full coloration.