Complete Aquatics
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Bio-Media Bags with Drawstring from Complete AquaticsBio-Media Bags with Drawstring from Complete AquaticsThese durable mesh bags from Complete Aquatics can be used for holding a wide variety of biological media, from Bio-Balls or Bio-Blox to lava rock or activated carbon. Comes with a convenient draw string for closing.
Complete Aquatics Bio-BallsComplete Aquatics Bio-Balls
Complete Aquatics Bio-Balls are compact, lightweight and long-lasting media for biological filters. Its shape facilitates high surface area that promotes beneficial bacteria colonization.
Complete Aquatics Bio-Blox Biological Filter MediaComplete Aquatics Bio-Blox Biological Filter Media
Complete Aquatics Bio-Blox Media are an ultra-high surface area biological filter media that is ideal for water gardens and koi ponds. It can be used in virtually any biological filter to provide colonization space for the beneficial bacteria that consume organic waste and harmful ammonia & nitrites.