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BioBalls Precolonized with Nutrifying Bacteria - Bio Balls in 148 or 296 CountBioBalls Precolonized with Nutrifying Bacteria - Bio Balls in 148 or 296 CountBio balls are small, pegged plastic balls mainly used as the biological media in ponds. These little plastic bio balls have TONS of surface area for the growth of bacteria for filtration. There are approximately 80 BioBalls per gallon. They are really simple to use: place into a mesh bag and drop into the pond filter.
Microbe-Lift® Bulk Activated Carbon PelletsMicrobe-Lift® Bulk Activated Carbon Pellets

Microbe-Lift® Activated Carbon Pellets aggressively eliminate foul odors, discoloration caused by decaying leaves, organic debris, pesticides, detergents, toxins and medications — all without releasing phosphates or causing unwanted algae growth.

    Microbe-Lift® PL Gel - Filter Pad Bacterial InoculentMicrobe-Lift® PL Gel - Filter Pad Bacterial Inoculent

    Microbe-Lift® PL Gel is a technological breakthrough -- the first product that puts bacteria right where you want it and keeps it there! PL Gel will attach to and populate any filter media to establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your pond's environment quickly. 

      Microbe-Lift® Super Start - Bead Filter BacteriaMicrobe-Lift® Super Start - Bead Filter Bacteria

      Microbe-Lift® Super Start contains aerobic heterotrophs, facultative anaerobes, anaerobic and chemotrophic bacteria capable of carrying out all of the necessary processes for optimum performance of bead filters.