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CrystalClear® Platinum Fish FoodCrystalClear® Platinum Fish FoodCrystalClear® Platinum fish food contains a special blend of the highest quality proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote rapid growth. CrystalClear® Platinum also contains Spirulina and Stabilized Vitamin C to bring out vibrant colors in koi. This floating fish food is designed for premium nutrition for growing show-quality koi. It contains a minimum of 40% protein and measures 3.0 mm for Standard Pellets and 5.0 mm for Large Pellets.
CrystalClear® Staple Koi FoodCrystalClear® Staple Koi FoodCrystalClear Staple floating fish food contains a balanced nutritional formula for all pond fish.  
CrystalClear® WheatGerm Koi FoodCrystalClear® WheatGerm Koi FoodCrystalClear® WheatGerm floating fish food is designed for the cooler months of the year. This wheat germ formula is easily digestible and perfect for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of the colder months. CrystalClear® WheatGerm fish food contains a minimum of 28% protein.