Tetra GloFish

Tetra GloFish

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Tetra® GloFish® 3 Gallon Aquarium KitTetra® GloFish® 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit

The Tetra® GloFish® 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a seamless, curved front aquarium, clear cover, black base frame, energy-efficient blue LED lighting with a low voltage power adapter, Tetra Whisper® internal filter with a medium Bio-Bag®.

Tetra® GloFish® Aquarium Gravel, 5lb - Available in Black or MulticolorTetra® GloFish® Aquarium Gravel, 5lb - Available in Black or Multicolor

Tetra® GloFish® Aquarium Gravel completes your GloFish experience and complements GloFish. This gravel is specially selected to stand out under the blue lighting in your GloFish aquarium.

    Tetra® GloFish® Color BoosterTetra® GloFish® Color Booster
    Tetra® GloFish® Color Booster provides ideal conditions to support maximum color and health in GloFish. This easy-to-use formula is scientifically formulated to enhance color proteins while keeping your aquarium chemistry stable between extended water changes.
    Tetra® GloFish® LED Aquarium LightTetra® GloFish® LED Aquarium Light

    The Tetra® GloFish® LED Aquarium Light fits aquariums up to 30" long and should be used with a glass or clear plastic canopy. Blue LEDs enhance GloFish® colors.

    Tetra® GloFish® LED Light Sticks - Combined Blue and White LED LightingTetra® GloFish® LED Light Sticks - Combined Blue and White LED Lighting

    Tetra® GloFish® LED Light Sticks can be easily added to any aquarium to create the ultimate GloFish® environment. It features blue LED lights that optimize and highlight the fluorescent color and brilliance of your fish.

        Tetra® GloFish® Special Flake FoodTetra® GloFish® Special Flake Food
        Tetra® GloFish® Special Flake Food is a proprietary formula that maximizes brightness and is optimized for GloFish fluorescent fish. This balanced diet features a colorful 4-flake blend that looks great under GloFish Blue LED lights and contains customized amino acids that make GloFish brighter.
        Tetra® GloFish® Universal LED LightTetra® GloFish® Universal LED Light

        The Tetra® GloFish® Universal LED Aquarium Light features an adjustable clamp to fit most standard aquariums up to 15 gallons. Blue LEDs enhance GloFish® colors.

          Tetra® GloFish® Water ConditionerTetra® GloFish® Water Conditioner
          Tetra® GloFish® Water Conditioner is a scientifically developed conditioner with unique immune boosters and stress reducers that allow your fish to thrive and display full coloration.