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Hampton Water Gardens Pond & Statuary PumpsHampton Water Gardens Pond & Statuary Pumps

Hampon Water Gardens Pond & Statuary Pumps are designed specifically for use in small-to-medium ponds and statuary. These pumps can be used submersibly or in-line, and include removable pre-filter for submersible use.

      Hampton Water Gardens Statuary PumpsHampton Water Gardens Statuary Pumps
      Hampton Water Garden™ Statuary Pumps are rugged, economical, proven pumps, specifically designed for small- to medium-size ponds, statuary, and aquarium applications. Built to run steady and quiet, they will never intrude on the tranquility of any water feature or home aquarium.
        Hampton Water Gardens Utility Pump/Fountainhead KitsHampton Water Gardens Utility Pump/Fountainhead Kits

        Hampon Water Gardens Utility Pump/Fountainhead Kits add a new dimension to any water feature, pairing pumps with variable flow control fountainheads to allow homeowners to create an entirely different mood in their pond or container.