5/19/14 - New Pond Build 

The homeowner wanted a great pond with the best filtration possible. In order to promise the homeowner our best shot at keeping their pond clear and maintenance free, we went to the Helix Pond Design Playbook and the Advanced Under Gravel Suction Grid Ecosystem. 

From the Playbook: "The Pond with 
an Under Gravel Suction Grid greatly improves water clarity and water quality, reduces annual maintenance and allows the homeowner to stock the pond with larger fish populations. The entire floor of this pond becomes a living bio-filter and digests debris that settles to the bottom of the pond. This is a very low maintenance pond, requiring simple weekly maintenance and minimal quarterly maintenance including thinning 
out aquatic plants in the active bog filter. Annual draining is NOT required for deep cleaning. This pond is suitable for large koi as a long-term habitat."

Helix Advanced Under Gravel Suction Grid Ecosystem Specifications:
  • Helix Skimmer 
  • Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor 
  • Helix External Pump 
  • Active Aquatic Bog Filter (We used the Atlantic Water Garden Big Bahama Bog/Waterfall Filter) 
  • Under Gravel PVC Suction Grid 
  • 30" - 36" Minimum Depth 

The Plan


The Dig


Just a few of the rocks we dug out.


The Advanced Suction Grid

The Rock 

The Finished Project