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Beckett Liner Patch KitBeckett Liner Patch KitThe Beckett Liner Patch Kit is an easy and fast solution for punctured or torn pond liners. Works with flexible liners or preformed ponds. Repairs EPDM, PVC, XAVAN or polyethylene liner materials. Measures 5" wide x 18" long.
Beckett® 8" Stone Look Waterfall Filter KitBeckett® 8" Stone Look Waterfall Filter KitThe Beckett® Stone Look Waterfall Kit includes everything needed for an 8" waterfall, including resin waterfall, pump, tubing and media bag. This filter kit is suitable for ponds of up to 125 gallons.
Beckett® Algae Brush - 24" longBeckett® Algae Brush - 24" longThe Beckett® 24" Algae Brush is effective for removing algae from the water, as well as from rocks and other surfaces.
Beckett® All-In-One Nozzle KitBeckett® All-In-One Nozzle KitThe All-In-One Nozzle Kit by Beckett includes 3 fountain heads, two extension tubes, a 2-way flow control valve and adapters for pumps and tubing. Designed for use with Versa Gold pumps and FR Series pumps.
Beckett® Fountain Heads for M60A Baby Versa PumpBeckett® Fountain Heads for M60A Baby Versa PumpThese fountain heads by Beckett are for use with the M60A Baby Versa pump. Includes nozzles, extension tube and adapter.
Beckett® Submersible Pond Filters - BF700 and PF357 FiltersBeckett® Submersible Pond Filters - BF700 and PF357 FiltersBeckett® Submersible Pond Filters provide water filtration through included media and is recirculated back into the pond. The BF700 filter features a pump and fountainhead, while the PF357 filter features biological filtration in addition to mechanical.
Beckett® Versa Gold Pump AccessoriesBeckett® Versa Gold Pump AccessoriesThese accessories are for the Beckett® Versa Gold pumps. The optional pre-filter provides additional filtration before the water enters the pump, protecting it from clogging. The diverter/flow control valve allows you to direct the water flow. Valve accepts 5/8" ID tubing.