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EcoPlus® Float ValveEcoPlus® Float ValveThe Eco Plus Float Valve controls water level in a reservoir. Includes 1/2" brass barbed fitting.
EcoPlus® Large Pump Filter BagEcoPlus® Large Pump Filter BagThe EcoPlus® Large Pump Filter Bag can house a submersible pump to prevent sediment from clogging it. Use of the filter bag will prolong the life and reduce cleaning/maintenance of the pump. A must have for every pump!
Replacement Fittings for EcoPlus® Submersible PumpsReplacement Fittings for EcoPlus® Submersible Pumps
Replacement inlet and outlet fittings for EcoPlus® submersible water pumps. All threaded fittings are in national pipe threaded (NPT) measurements.
    Replacement Shaft and Impeller for EcoPlus® Submersible PumpsReplacement Shaft and Impeller for EcoPlus® Submersible Pumps
    These replacement shafts and impellers are for the EcoPlus® Fixed Flow Rate Submersible Pumps.