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Planting Tools

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Aquascape Pond Shark: All-in-One Combination Net, Rake and Scraper!Aquascape Pond Shark: All-in-One Combination Net, Rake and Scraper!
The Pond Shark combines the benefits of nets, rakes and scrapers into a single tool! This tool with a telescoping steel handle, making it great for cleaning the pond or lake. It's great for clearing away filamentous algae or string algae, by ripping through the algae with the Pond Shark's tines and gathering it into the net while we go.

    EasyPro 28" Aquatic Weed CutterEasyPro 28" Aquatic Weed CutterThe EasyPro 28" Aquatic Weed Cutter makes short work of cleaning up weed infested beaches and shoreline. The reversible, double sided, serrated blade quickly cuts through even the thickest weeds. The 11' long, two piece handle disassembles for easy storage.
    EasyPro 32" Aquatic Weed RakeEasyPro 32" Aquatic Weed RakeThis reversible weed rake makes cleaning your lake easy! There's no need to worry which side lands up when you throw it, since there are teeth on both sides! The 32" wide rake features (17) 3" teeth on each side of the rake and 25' of rope.
      EasyPro 36" Deluxe Lake RakeEasyPro 36" Deluxe Lake Rake

      This EasyPro Deluxe Aquatic Lake Rake is a 36" wide rake with an 11' two-piece, rustproof, powder-coated aluminum handle, a detachable polyethylene float, and a 20' length of rope. Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the pond surface or remove the float to use on pond bottom!

        Nycon Algae TwisterNycon Algae TwisterNycon Algae Twister consists of a serrated aluminum head allows efficient pick-up and disposal of algae. Includes 32-57" Telescoping Handle, making it easy to reach across water.
        Nycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer RakesNycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer RakesNycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rakes are constructed of a solid aluminum frame covered by a patented H-style plastic edging that protects liners while assisting in the collection of surface and bottom debris.
        Nycon Plant FeederNycon Plant FeederThe Nycon Plant Feeder allows you to stay dry while feeding your underwater plants. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum with a rubber grip. Magazine holds up to five pellets that can be released individually or at once.
        Nycon Plant TrimmerNycon Plant TrimmerThe Nycon Plant Trimmer allows you to trim underwater plants from dry land! Also works great in gardens to clip weeds without bending over. Pointed hook and jaws retrieve severed leaves with ease. Stainless steel and aluminum construction is corrosion-resistant.
        Oase EasyPick Pond PliersOase EasyPick Pond Pliers

        With its rubberized grippers, the Oase EasyPick firmly grasps branches and leaves, as well as foreign objects that sometimes fall into the pond. The ergonomic grip and the telescopic handle allows for convenient work from distances of up to 6.6 ft. (2 m).

          Oase FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond ScissorsOase FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors

          The Oase FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors feature a dual approach to vegetation maintenance — stabilizing plants while cutting them, providing stability and torque. The scissors’ head features adjustable work angles and protects the pond liner from cuts and punctures.