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Fiberglass Extensions for PondBuilder Large Pump Canyon™Fiberglass Extensions for PondBuilder Large Pump Canyon™
These fiberglass extensions for the PondBuilder Elite Large Pump Canyon™ are constructed in both hoop and helical wrapped fiberglass, providing maximum strength and rigidity.

    PondBuilder Elite Pump Canyon ExtensionsPondBuilder Elite Pump Canyon Extensions
    PondBuilder Elite Pump Canyon Extensions allow you to dig the basin deeper, even as deep as 78". Extensions feature guidelines every 4" to allow for easy customization of depth.
    PondBuilder Elite Pump CanyonsPondBuilder Elite Pump Canyons
    PondBuilder Elite Pump Canyons are indestructible one-piece molded pump wells that can accomodate large pumps up to 20,000gph. Pumps are both easily accessible and well-protected within the canyon.

      PondBuilder Large Pump SocksPondBuilder Large Pump SocksPondBuilder Pump Socks help protect your pump by preventing clogging of the pump intake. Place pump inside the pump sock to use. Works best when placing pump directly into the pond.