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Replacement Impeller for TetraPond® Statuary Pump 140Replacement Impeller for TetraPond® Statuary Pump 140These replacement impellers fit the 140gph TetraPond® Statuary Pump 140.
Replacement Impeller for TetraPond® WGP Water Garden PumpsReplacement Impeller for TetraPond® WGP Water Garden PumpsThese replacement impellers fit the TetraPond® WGP Series Water Garden Pumps.
TetraPond® APK100 Air PumpTetraPond® APK100 Air PumpTetraPond® APK100 Air Pumps provide vital oxygen to the pond and fish, and works as a great a vital winter survival solution in ponds up to 5000 gallons. 
TetraPond® Complete Pond Fountain SetTetraPond® Complete Pond Fountain SetTetraPond® Telescoping Pond Koi and Goldfish Net can be used to retrieve fish or remove leaves and debris. 14" diameter x 16" deep with a handle that telescopes up to 5' long.
TetraPond® Debris Handling Pond PumpsTetraPond® Debris Handling Pond Pumps
TetraPond® Debris Handling Pumps feature an impeller that resists blockage and pass 1/4" debris without clogging the pump. These pumps are energy efficient and are capable of powering filters, waterfalls and streams.
TetraPond® Statuary and Fountain PumpsTetraPond® Statuary and Fountain Pumps
TetraPond® Statuary and Fountain Pumps are ideal for pond-sized statuary and outdoor fountains.
    TetraPond® Water Garden PumpsTetraPond® Water Garden Pumps
    TetraPond® Water Garden Pumps powers waterfalls, filters and fountain heads. These energy-efficient pumps feature Reliable Magnetic Drive technology.