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Summit® Biological Caterprillar & Webworm ControlSummit® Biological Caterprillar & Webworm ControlSummit® Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control gives gardeners and homeowners a new, organic way to control caterpillars and webworms on fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs and garden plants! 
Summit® Clear-Water® Barley FlakesSummit® Clear-Water® Barley Flakes

Clear-Water® Barley Flakes from Summit® are a fast-acting form of barley, composed of the actual barley grains rather than the straw. This natural pond water clarifier keeps pond clear for approximately 3 months.

Summit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw BalesSummit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw Bales

Summit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw Bales are the original and best-selling barley straw pond treatment from Summit®. Barley straw is a natural pond clarifier that helps control green water and cloudy water in the backyard pond.

Summit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw ExtractSummit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw Extract

Clear-Water® Barley Straw Extract fis a fast-active, liquid barley straw extract that works much more quickly than traditional barley straw. This natural pond clarifier cleans your pond without putting your fish at risk from algaecides. 

Summit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw PlantersSummit® Clear-Water® Barley Straw Planters

Clear-Water® Barley Straw Planters from Summit® improve water quality while providing an attractive, floating planter for non-submerged plants. Safe for fish and other pets or wildlife.

Summit® Deer Ban™ Odorless Water-Activated Deer RepellentSummit® Deer Ban™ Odorless Water-Activated Deer Repellent
Summit® Deer Ban™ uses a unique gel tablet to provides effective, year-round protection from wildlife damage without negative side effects! Deer Ban™ is odorless to humans, using deer's natural instinct to avoid predators rather than foul odors or chemicals, making is safe for animals.
    Summit® Mosquito Bits® "Quick Kill"Summit® Mosquito Bits® "Quick Kill"Summit® Mosquito Bits® "Quick Kill" were especially designed for ponds, marshes, or other areas inundated with mosquito larvae. Corn cob granules coated with BTI (a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae) kill mosquito larvae, completely eliminating them in a week or less!
    Summit® Mosquito Dunks 6/pk & Mosquito Barrier 32oz ComboSummit® Mosquito Dunks 6/pk & Mosquito Barrier 32oz ComboSummit® Mosquito Dunks & Barrier Combo combines two of the most effective mosquito treatments available: 32oz of Mosquito & Gnat Barrier (a topical insecticide) and a 6-pack of Mosquito Dunks (a biological treatment toxic only to mosquito larvae).
    Summit® Mosquito Dunks®Summit® Mosquito Dunks®
    Summit® Mosquito Dunks® will kill mosquitoes "before they're old enough to bite!®" Mosquito Dunks® are America's best-selling mosquito control and insect control product for homeowners. This exclusive product uses BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae.