Practical Pond Product Reviews

Here at Practical Garden Ponds, we are passionate about helping you with your Do-It-Yourself garden pond.
Introducing "Practical Pond Product Reviews;" a YouTube show where Nate Brunk gives his honest opinion on many different products for your pond.  Subscribe to our channel, or see a few highlights below!


Episode 1: Introduction to Skimmers
In this episode, Nate gives both an introduction to pond skimmers and an overview of the features of good skimmers.
Episode 3: Helix Skimmer
Join Nate as he discusses and reviews the award-winning
pond skimmer by Helix Life Support.

Episode 8: What Type of Plumbing Should I Use?
In this episode, Nate talks about the different types of plumbing parts and tubing you can use in your pond or water features.

Episode 12: Sizing Your Pump
Here Nate gives a helpful walkthrough for the important task
of choosing the right size pump for your pond or water feature!