Art's Pond
Q.- What do you get when a dear friend who feeds the birds asks Nate of Practical Garden Ponds for an attractive way to provide clean fresh drinking and bathing water for his feathered friends?

A. - A 4000 gallon bi-level pond with a naturally sporadic waterfall and lots of carefully placed rocks to create splash pools - and this pond is "truly for the birds"!

Notice the crystal clear water in this pond. We achieved that result with:

  • a Savio Full Size Skimmer,
  • a single 50 watt UVinex UV
    inside the skimmer
  • a 3600 gph Savio Water Master Solids pump and an Ultima II
    4000 filter.

It is all connected with 2" flexible PVC tubing. The rocks did not remain this free of carpet algae but the water IS STILL THIS CLEAR!

We were really gratified when just days after this pond was built, a friend told the owner at his annual fourth of July party that the pond so matched his landscaping that it looked as if it had always been there.

And now, not only does my friend feed the birds, but he also enjoys feeding a dozen or so first and second generation Koi in his pond as well!

The Ultima II 4000 filter is tucked neatly in behind the Blue Spruce tree where it can not be seen.

What is truly the most amazing about this pond is the low maintainence. The 50 watt UV keeps the water green free effortlessly and is so easy to take out in the winter and put back in for the summer - just lift the skimmer lid, undo a screw, and remove... no clamps and tubing with which to struggle.

The debris removal is as easy! The Ultima II does an incredible job of keeping the water clean. To clean the Ultima itself simply turn off your pump. Turn the valve on the top of the Ultima from "filter" to "backwash". Turn on your pump again and in minutes you have removed some water from your pond (a plus as it is like doing a small partial waterchange) and you have backflushed your filter. After just moments, turn off your pump again and return the valve on the top of the Ultima to the "filter" position... presto, you are good to go for at least another month!

This pond also is located in Eastern Pennsylvania.